What is...

...a MegaGame?

MegaGames are a little like an all day board game and a little like Model UN's irresponsible older brother.

According to the designers of the original MegaGames, Megagame Makers UK:

A Megagame is a multi-player game, in which, usually the participants are organised into teams, and those teams into an hierarchy of teams. Megagames are challenging, interesting, and fun. Teams of players take on specific roles - for example as a military headquarters, or a national government, and they interact with other teams representing their opponents or allies.

Honestly, every game is different. Some of them are more like huge wargames and some of them are primarily about diplomacy and negotiation. Mostly, though, they're about communication and information and how sometimes those things are really hard.

Maybe it's best to watch this video. It's long, but it's probably the best way to see if MegaGames are for you. It's from an alien invasion game called Watch the Skies!, created by Jim Wallman and run by the Megagame Makers.

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...the Cleveland MegaGame Council?

"Cleveland MegaGame Council" is the collective name for a loose confederation of Northeast Ohio artists, game designers, roleplayers, and theater professionals who have an interest in promoting event games. Individually they have created a number of large scavenger and puzzle hunts, poker tournaments, and various theatrical experiences. The Council is a way to collect all of that creative energy and experience and fire it toward projects like a giant cannon.

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