Frequently Asked Questions about A Good Understanding


The event information makes it look like the game runs for 8 hours. That's gotta be a typo, right?

Nope. A Good Understanding starts promptly at 10am and runs continuously until hours. Each turn takes a half an hour in real time and represents a number of months in game terms.


So if it runs for 8 hours, when do we stop for meals?

Actually, we don't. Death, as they say, waits for no man. As it turns out, neither do international relations, spy networks, or world media cycles. Players are encouraged to pack food and non-alcoholic drinks and eat while the game is running. There will be access to vending machines but we wouldn't recommend living on Snickers and Stride gum for an entire day. After the game we will likely head to an area bar for some drinks and conversation for those interested.


How much do I need to know about the Cold War to play A Good Understanding?

If we're doing our job right, virtually nothing. After your pre-game .pdf packet and a quick briefing on gameday, you'll know enough to do your specific job and help your team.


How do I win?


On the plus side, you also don't lose.

MegaGames, more often than not, are about trying to do your best for your team (and for yourself). More than anything they're about telling your small part of a much larger story.


So how many of these have you done?

Erm. None?

Honestly, yes, this is our first MegaGame, but we have plenty of experience in organizing giant scavenger hunts, puzzle hunts, poker tournaments, and various interactive theater experiences. Look, let's be honest - we're all in this together. Let's just agree to have some fun.

And maybe nuke Albania.*


You're charging me actual money to play this game?

This game has printed maps and charts and a bunch of tiny bits that someone has to help us pay for. Do you think we're made of money trees? To be clear, though, none of the money is going to anything but the cost of putting up the game itself. If by some miracle we make money (we won't) we'll put it toward the next game.

Anyway, it's only $8. If a dollar an hour is honestly keeping you away, email us. We'll figure something out.


What is the refund policy?

Again, email us. We'll figure it out.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

You don't. Barring a catastrophic event, we'll have you on a list.


Are there ticket sales at the door?

No. The nature of the event requires that we know who will be there ahead of time.


I have a group of cool friends. Can I bring them along? Can we be on a team together?

Yes! Tell your friends about this! TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

We don't have a way for you to sign up as a group so everyone will need to be responsible for their own ticket. However, we'll send you a pre-game survey where you can list your friends' names so the chances are higher that you'll be put on a team together. We can't promise anything, but we'll try our best to accommodate everyone.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Not really, no, although this isn't an event for kids. That said, if your 13 year old is totally into Cold War politics and will be cool in a room full of strangers for 8 hours...we're not going to stand in your way.


What can/can't I bring to the event?

Although much more detailed information will be emailed to you before the event, here are the highlights:

Don't bring: alcohol, guns, an expectation to smoke indoors, an attitude punishable by slapping.

Do bring: a water bottle, food (meals are not provided, nor is there a time set aside to eat), notebook/paper, writing utensils, a willingness to try something that's new for all of us.


What are my parking options at the event?

The best parking are in the decks here. Sadly, we can't validate parking. A cheaper option is street parking in the area and most of it is free on weekends.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

or join our newsletter HERE.


*the CMC does not recommend nuking Albania.