Torn between two superpowers, West Germany joins the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in direct defiance of the Soviet plan for a neutral German reunification. Threatened by this growing military threat, the USSR and its allies sign the Warsaw Pact, drawing a clear line between East and West. Meanwhile, recognizing the danger this saber-rattling represents, a meeting of Asian and African leaders commences in Indonesia to promote cooperation and the philosophy of neutrality. But neutrality, they know, is never as easy as it sounds...

Is the US economy as strong as it seems? Is Soviet Communism an irresistible force? How far can you trust your Intelligence Minister? 


'A Good Understanding' is the first MegaGame by the Cleveland MegaGame Council. No knowledge of Cold War politics is necessary - but a dedication to teamwork and play is essential.

When: Sunday, November 23rd  -  running nonstop from 10am to 6pm

Where: IdeaCenter at PlayhouseSquare in downtown Cleveland, Ohio

Cost: $8



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